A Day with Kellyn PotVin Gorman

Thursday, March 15th 2018, 8:30-4:00

Want to learn what is new features in OEM 13c and the command line interface? Want to understand how to optimize your queries using AWR and ASH? Have you heard about the new warehouse feature in OEM 12cR4? And don’t forget the changing world for DBA’s and Developers to DevOps. 

Please welcome Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman who will present these topics in March.   

                                                             March 15, 2018


                                                            Oracle Field Office

                                                        9987 Carver Rd, Ste 250

                                                          Blue Ash, OH 45242

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is a member of the Oak Table Network, an Oracle ACE Director alumnus and a Microsoft Idera ACE. She is the Technical Intelligence Manager and Force of Nature at Delphix, a company recognized for its impressive virtualization and data masking environment capabilities. Kellyn is known for her extensive work with multi-database platforms, cloud migrations, virtualization, the command line interface, environment optimization tuning, automation and architecture design. She is the board president for both the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group and the Denver SQL Server User Group. She is part of the triad that runs Girl Geek Dinners, Women Who Code and Girls Develop it in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado Area. Her blog, http://dbakevlar.com and social media activity under her handle, DBAKevlar is well respected for her insight and content.

                                                    Meeting Agenda

                                08:30a -  09:00a           Meeting Registration/Check-in

                                 09:00a - 10:00a            New Features of Enterprise Manager 13c

                                10:00a – 11:00a            Oracle Optimized – AWR, ASH and ADDM Optimization

                                11:00a – 12:00p            The Power of the AWR Warehouse in Enterprise Manager

                                12:00p – 01:00p            Lunch

                                01:00p – 02:00p            DevOps for the DBA

                                02:00p – 03:00p            Enterprise Manager Advanced Features and the EMCLI

                                03:00p – 04:00p            Q&A, Announcements, Gift Drawing

Presentation Detail:

New Features of Enterprise Manager 13c

With the newest release of Enterprise Manager, the management and monitoring of simple databases are long gone and we’re now onto a single-pane of glass management for the entire IT infrastructure.  Gain the knowledge you need about the latest suite of features that will make the tedious disappear and let you get onto the challenges you really want to spend time on!

This deep dive session will help you gain insight into the newest cloud control console, the dashboards that will make you the superstar when management needs answers and fulfill the demands of continuous delivery when DevOps comes a calling.

Take aways from this session:

1.  Get the low down on the newest cloud control interface.  How to make sense of the new menus and guide intuitively through each of the drop downs.

2.   Become familiar with the newest management packs and what they offer the business, the developer and the DBA.

3.   Deep insight into the newest additions to well loved features and introduction to new products!


Oracle Optimized- AWR, ASH and ADDM Optimization

The Automatic Workload Repository, (AWR) and Active Session History, (ASH) are the defacto choice of any optimization DBA when investigating performance issues in Oracle.  With the addition of the Automatic Diagnostic Database Monitor, (ADDM) comparison reports and other new features, we’re able to add a whole new level of information to diagnosing issues.

With the introduction of Database 12c Multi-tenant, there were new challenges introduced with pluggable databases and how to diagnose issues and report on problems.  

This session will dig in deep to the new additions to the AWR and ASH reports, along with the benefits of advanced investigation, trouble-shooting and diagnostics to show the power of the “always- on” approach of the AWR for the DBA who requires data behind their findings to ensure they never assume or guess, which is the first step to losing one’s credibility.  

Take aways from this session:

1.  Basics of AWS and ASH architecture

2.  How the reports differ and knowing when to use them

3.  Important changes in DB12c release 2 with AWR and ASH


The Power of the AWR Warehouse and Beyond
The Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 is accompanied with the new AWR Warehouse feature, which allows you to automatically extract detailed performance data from your database targets and consolidate the data into a
single location within the AWR Warehouse repository. The main source of data stored in the AWR Warehouse is derived from the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), via AWR snapshots, letting you retain long-term history of AWR data from chosen EM12c database targets, enabling full historical analysis of AWR data
across databases without impacting the source or user database.

This session will cover the power behind this incredible new feature, a full review of the architecture, ETL process and then onto what everyone who's worked with AWR data really wants to know-  What is the impact to the existing suite of AWR queries and how much can it really provide the business and the DBA when searching for answers.

DevOps for the DBA

The transition for many DBAs and developers to DevOps was challenging and the cloud wars have begun.  With data friction on the front line and DBAs and Developers in the trenches, a platform revolution is needed.  For this revolution to gain momentum, we need to learn new skills and embrace a new mindset to accomplish the challenges ahead.

Kellyn will build on previous DevOps concepts and tools to demonstrate how to build out enterprise DevOps with data gravity at it’s center.  Learn how to take DevOps to the next level and introduce DataOps to the mix to remove the roadblocks that limit all members of the team, (especially DBAs) from being 100% vested into the future of technology.

Take aways from this session:

1. Key points of contention at the development, support and management level.

2. The power of data pods and why its no longer about fiefdoms.

3. How solutions may combine many tools and approaches, but basic features will address the same challenges faced by all.

4. How the boundaries of on-prem and cloud will become more blurred and why tools must bridge both.

Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface

The Cloud Control Command Line Interface, or EMCLI is the most robust command line built into an Oracle product outside of SQL Plus. As Cloud Control evolved from a DBA tool to an infrastructure tool, more and more products discovered a preference for using its GUI to give easy access and its CLI to give it a more robust and powerful option for DevOps capabilities. This session will discuss the history, the basics and the advanced concepts of the EMCLI and how the future may shape the product from on-premises to the Oracle Management Cloud.

Take aways from this session:

1. Learn the history behind the EMCLI and the far-reaching capabilities

2. Discovery how scripting and automation can be built into DevOps using the EMCLI

3. Discover the future of EM and how it's built into the backbone of the Oracle Management Cloud.