GCOUG has quarterly meetings. The intent of these gathering is to present current information regarding Oracle from industry leaders. Instead of listing them here click on the meeting tab and review the agenda's from past meeting. You will see the quality and variety of subjects presented to GCOUG members.

Find out where Oracle is and where they are heading.
Learn about 3rd party tools intended to streamline your job.

Membership in GCOUG entitles you to the following benefits.

4 quality gathering per year.
Access to our website and GCOUG Online Forum.
Resume posting on the Forum to members.
Continued access to Forum topics.

Cost of a meeting is $25.00 per meeting. Join GCOUG for only $50.00 a year and you will have access to our 4 meeting.
Our famous lunches are worth the price of membership alone.

A "networking table is available at all meetings for attendess to distribute literature, business cards, resumes, etc.

Stay on top of your profession and get ahead.

email one of the officers on how to become a member.